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oracle sun deal : Take it easy………IT industry really mean it. April 23, 2009

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I think Oracle and Sun collaboration brings the world a new gaint. Not only for IT industry but it will effect entire IT market.

the deal may not seem quite that ‘spur of the moment’ call even by Ellison’s standards. For one, Oracle has digested well almost all the companies it has acquired in the past. For another, Sun brings to table a lot more ammunition than others in the past that can take Oracle closer to be the tech superpower Ellison desires it to be.

Oracle Corp’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems also gives the company control over MySQL, a popular piece of software that Sun gained when it acquired the Swediesh company MySQL AB for $ 1 billion last year. MySQL, a database mostly used to run websites by developers.

However, many analysts are doubtful about the future of MySQL after the merger is effected. During the conference call, Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison praised Sun’s Java programming technology and its Solaris operating system, which are both available in Open Source versions. However, he did not mention MySQL at all.

Sun said MySQL business generated just $81 million in billing in the December quarter. This was, however, 55 per cent more than the year-earlier period, and also one of the Sun’s fastest-growing segments.

One of MySQL’s prime attractions is that nearly all of its features are available for free, even for those running production databases. In fact, last year Sun tried to move toward a dual distribution model, reserving certain key features for paying customers. However, the company quickly backed down in the face of an outcry.

It is still unclear what Oracle means to do with Sun’s hardware business. Sun, which has traditionally started as a hardware company, has strengthened its software stack in the recent years, and which ironically seems to have endeared it to Oracle.

Lets hope for the best…………



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