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Search Tables from Data dictionaries: Oracle vs SQL Server vs DB2 vs Informix vs MYSQL vs SYBASE March 3, 2010

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Querying Data dictionary is tricky and tweaking. The more you know the data dictionaries the more you can dig out the database. In this regards, I am presenting how to search the the tables across different database product. It is useful to know the structure of data dictionaries across different DB products.

Code-part marked as red – This need to replace with search keyword identifier wherever SQL code is incorporated.


select owner schema,table_name

from all_tables

where table_name like ‘%’||upper(‘search_keyword‘)||’%’;

SQL Server:

SELECT table_name,schema_name,table_type from (

SELECT name AS table_name ,SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc table_type

FROM sys.objects

WHERE type_desc LIKE ‘%TABLE%’) all_tables

Where all_tables.table_name like ‘%’+upper(‘search_keyword‘)+’%’;


select TABSCHEMA schema_name,TABNAME

from syscat.tables

where TABNAME like ‘%’||upper(‘search_keyword‘)||’%’;


select owner schema_name,tabname table_name

from systables

where tabtype=’T’ and upper(tabname) like ‘%’||upper(‘Search_Keyword‘)||’%’;


select table_schema schema_name,table_name


where table_type like ‘%TABLE%’ and table_name like concat(concat(‘%’,upper(‘search_keyword‘)),’%’);


select creator schema,table_name

from systable

where table_type not like ‘%VIEW%’

and table_name like ‘%’||upper(‘Search_Keyword‘)||’%’;



1. Sergiy - March 6, 2014

Thank you! I works with Sybase to Oracle migration. This help me 🙂
I add your blog to my “Favorites”

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