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find 3rd or Third saturday falling on which date in any month July 23, 2010

Posted by sendtoshailesh in Uncategorized.

One of my colleage was struggling to crack the code to find on which date 3rd saturday falls for any month. He tried very well for a code but I took this as a tricky problem. I tried couple of options and finally reached to better solution. at the end I found it is pretty simple———

select next_day(to_date(’01’||to_char(to_date(‘&input_MMYYYY’,’MM-YYYY’),’MON-YYYY’)),’sat’)+14 from dual;




1. Sheila GA - June 14, 2012

Thank you very much. I’m working on db2 and here is the query to figure out 3rd Saturday in db2:

db2 “select next_day(date(substr(char(current date – 1 month ),7,4)||’-‘|| substr(char(current date – 1 month),1,2)||’-01′)+ 14 days,’SAT’) as saturday3rd from sysibm.sysdummy1 ”




sendtoshailesh - June 15, 2012

Thanks Sheila, This would be helpful..

2. Sheila GA - June 20, 2012

Sorry the query I entered with current date – 1 month will find the 3rd Saturday of last month.

Just want to clarify.



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